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What Does a Funeral Director Do?

One of the most mysterious jobs in our communities may be that of a funeral director. You may wonder, “What exactly does a funeral director do?” Every funeral director’s responsibilities center aroun

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Honoring Veterans with Wreaths Across America

Quincy and Hingham are two of the communities included in Wreaths Across America, an organization that lays wreaths at veterans’ graves. With the help of volunteers and donors, the annual event has

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Why Rituals Are Important, Pt. 2

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of rituals, of gathering as a group. Whatever the nature of the gathering—a church service, to something much smaller and less informal—there is grea

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Why Choose a Family-Owned Funeral Home?

There are important differences between a funeral home owned by a local family and one run by a large corporation. A Family-Owned funeral home has roots in the community and can focus on the quality

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Why We Are Funeral Directors

Funeral service is first and foremost about relationships. At Keohane Funeral Home, our funeral directors have a passion for serving families in an exceptional manner. We do this by listening without

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Celebrating 22 Years of Service

After 22 dedicated years of service, Bill Mitchell of Hull, Massachusetts, recently retired from Pyne Keohane Funeral Home.

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