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5 Benefits of Volunteering

July 1, 2023

All of us have benefitted from the kindness of others. And, many have been encouraged to contribute to their community and found that they have received so many blessings in return!  We would like to share with you five benefits of volunteering. These benefits, to you and others, can be experienced in a wide variety of settings! Maybe you like being out among people delivering meals, helping as a checker at a ministry thrift store, or leading an active food pantry. Or, if behind-the-scenes is more your style, you may be able to volunteer by doing office work or prepping tags and signs for the 5K fund raiser. Whatever your personal style, there is something for you!

Benefit #1 – You can get your mind off of your struggles and help others!

It is so true that in helping others we help ourselves! While self-help may not be our primary motive, volunteering provides personal benefit. It is so easy and so natural for us to focus on our struggles. When we remember that everyone has struggles and that we can help meet their needs, it will lift up our eyes to the possibilities! Sure, it may have been a while since you played your trumpet, but the community band needs volunteers. Or, maybe your friends don’t know that you know how to make balloon animals, and the children’s cancer hospital is having a carnival. Dust off your talents and use them to benefit others! You will feel good using your talents again, and it will bring you much joy as you bring joy to other people.

Benefit #2 – You will meet new friends!

All of us probably in some ways still recovering from the isolation we felt during the covid lock-downs. Therefore, it may be time to purposefully meet people and start new friendships. Nothing compares with an old, faithful friend! But, there is something revitalizing and encouraging about meeting people and getting to know them. As you serve, you can offer the priceless gift of friendship to some lonely people. You may find common interests with a fellow volunteer and decide to meet for coffee “after hours.” Or, you may provide a caring listening ear for a lonely widow or widower who simply needs to talk. Making new friends is always good, for everyone!

Benefit #3 – You will provide much needed help!

Many charities, ministries, schools, and non-profit events are desperate for quality help. Your investment of time and energy can be a huge encouragement to those with hearts to help our community. You may offer a specific way to help, or you may simply let them know, “I’m willing to do almost anything!” In addition, your faithfulness at upholding your commitment to help is a tremendous support. There is nothing quite as discouraging when you are counting on someone to help and they don’t show up. You can provide much needed help and encouragement!

Benefit #4 – You may learn some new skills!

Piggy-backing on benefit # 4, if you are willing to offer help in a variety of ways, you may learn a new skill. It is very easy to stay in our comfort zone, and it can be scary to try new things. However, most people find it is not as scary as they once thought, and before they know it, they have learned a new skill! For example, you may be asked to read books to elementary students. If you have not had experience with this before, think back to when you were a child and how much you enjoyed it when people read books to you. You can practice at home ahead of time, experimenting with voices and inflection. And, before you know it, you and groups of children will be laughing over funny, quirky characters together!

Benefit #5 – You can feel good knowing that you are making a difference!

One of the best ways to feel part of a community is to serve. You can help others and feel a comradery with your fellow volunteers as you see the smiles of people you are serving. It is important to feel a part of your community, and it is equally important to use our resources to help others. Even if you do not have the time or energy right now to help, many charities accept financial contributions. This will not provide the same sense of community, but everyone needs to know they can make a difference in some way. You can make a difference!

We hope these five benefits of volunteering have helped you consider ways you can serve our community. In many ways, we believe those who serve may be more blessed that those who are served! And, as always, we are here for you and your family at Keohane. Please check out our website or let us know if you have any questions by calling (617) 773-3551.


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