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Thoughts on Choosing Music for a Funeral

One of the most personal features of a funeral is the music. Music sets the tone and expresses emotions that cannot be spoken in words, and music has the power t

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Why Rituals Are Important, Pt. 2

In the previous post, we discussed the importance of rituals, of gathering as a group. Whatever the nature of the gathering—a church service, to something much smaller and less inform

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How A Funeral Celebrant Helps Create a Meaningful Tribute for A Loved One

Funeral Celebrants, also called Life Celebrants, are specially trained professionals who provide meaningful and personalized funerals that celebrate the life of an individual regardless o

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Featured FAQ: What is the Value of a Funeral?

The most important meaning of a funeral is honoring the life of a loved one and providing a safe and supportive venue for family and friends to express their grief and offer support to on

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Featured FAQ: What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A Funeral Celebrant is a trained and certified non-clergy professional who officiates at funerals, helping families without a particular church affiliation, to create a personal and meaningful

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There is a common assumption that funerals are tied to religious beliefs. Well, a funeral can certainly reflect religion and incorporate the specific beliefs of the family, but the service is really

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