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Navigating The Journey: The 5 Benefits of Advance Funeral Planning

October 1, 2023

Life is beautiful–and often unpredictable. Though we can’t control every aspect of our lives, we can certainly plan for one inevitable event – our passing. Pre-planning your funeral arrangements with Keohane Funeral Home offers you and your loved ones the peace of mind that comes from knowing your final wishes will be honored while removing the added burden of decision-making for your loved ones during one of life’s most challenging moments.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the five significant benefits that come from advance funeral planning and how it may reduce stress for your family and friends.

Help Your Loved Ones by Relieving The Stress of Funeral Planning While Mourning

Losing a loved one is an emotionally fraught experience, and when in shock and grieving, the last thing anyone wants to face is making complex (and potentially expensive) decisions about your funeral arrangements. By pre-planning your funeral, you can protect your family and friends from having to make tough choices at a time of substantial grief.

With Keohane, you can work with our compassionate and experienced staff to select everything, from the style of casket or cremation urn to the type of service, including music and readings that are most meaningful to you. In this way, you’re able to create a personalized farewell that truly reflects your life, your values, and creates a final lasting memory for your loved ones.

Financial Peace of Mind

Funerals can be costly, and the expense can create a significant financial burden on your loved ones at a time when they’re especially vulnerable. Advance funeral planning enables you to lock in current prices, protecting your family from the rising costs of funeral services in the future. By pre-funding your funeral, you ensure that the financial aspect is taken care of, easing your family’s stress during an already stressful time. And as many people purchase insurance policies to cover funeral costs, you can match your coverage to your pre-planned funeral expense, leaving your loved ones with added peace of mind.

Emotional Peace of Mind

Each of us is unique, and so are our preferences for our funerals. Advance funeral planning enables you to specify your wishes in precise detail. Whether you prefer a traditional burial, cremation, or a green burial, you select your preferences, along with the location, style, and individual flourishes that will make your service a distinct reflection of your life.

Peace of Mind for You

Advance funeral planning isn’t just about protecting and helping your loved ones; it’s also about your peace of mind. Knowing that your end-of-life affairs are in order and your desires for your funeral will be carried out as you’d chosen offers you a substantial measure of peace and comfort. You’ll be able to focus on the present, living your life as you see fit without the gnawing worry of what could happen after you’re gone.

Avoid Family Disputes

Funeral planning can sometimes reopen old wounds among family members with competing ideas about how to commemorate your life. By clearly documenting your preferences in advance, you help prevent these potential conflicts and help your family to remain united while grieving your loss.


Pre-planning your funeral with Keohane is a smart, considerate way to care for your family, friends, and yourself. Your family is relieved of making difficult decisions, offers financial and emotional peace of mind, and gives you an added measure of peace.

Take the opportunity to navigate life’s final chapter a little bit easier for everyone involved—yourself included. Contact us today to start the process and discover the comfort that comes with knowing you’ve taken care of your loved ones while you’re still here with them.


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