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Ensuring that Your Finances are in Order in 7 Steps

We’ve probably all watched an old movie that features a scene where a doctor soberly tells an ailing patient that he’d better get his things in order, presumably

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Exploring Funeral Costs: 5 Ways to Plan

Funeral costs can vary depending on where you live and what goods and services are selected. However, most people do not want funeral costs to become a financial burden for their survivin

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Should Adult Children Be Included in Parent’s End-Of-Life Planning?

While it may be difficult to discuss end-of-life issues, it is to everyone’s advantage – children and parents alike – to calmly discuss plans and preferences for end-of-life care and pref

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Watch Out for Death-Related Scams

Research shows that vulnerability to a scam is highest in the three years after a major stress, such as a death in the family. After losing a loved one, survivors can be emotionally vulne

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Featured FAQ: Does Social Security Provide Death Benefits?

The death of a loved one can put a strain on family finances. Social Security provides two types of death benefits for eligible surviving family members, including a lump sum payment and

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