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Advance Planning

Advance planning allows you to make important decisions in a relaxed atmosphere, enabling you to control each aspect of funeral planning long before the actual need. Most importantly, it is a way you can make a very difficult time for your family a little bit easier.

Thinking about one’s funeral leaves most people feeling a little uneasy, but more adults are finding that preparing for the inevitable is a wise decision that offers great emotional and financial security. The process includes meeting with one of our funeral directors, discussing your needs and desires, providing background and biographical information, listing your family, selecting merchandise, and discussing payment options. In cases where someone has taken the time to plan ahead with Keohane, the family often mentions how that decision made the funeral process so much easier on them.

Joe Reardon, one of our funeral directors, specializes in working with families interested in advance planning. He and the rest of our team are always available for questions or assistance. To get started, you can contact us directly or fill out our form.
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Benefits of Advance Planning Your Funeral with Keohane

  • Provides peace of mind, for you and your family
  • Allows choices to be made without emotional strain and time constraints
  • Relieves your survivors from the financial responsibility of funeral expenses
  • Eliminates possible future conflicts among family members by stating your wishes in advance
  • Gives your family the ability to bypass the administrative responsibilities and focus on the importance of being there for one another

Important Considerations

  • We would be glad to meet with you in the comfort of your own home or in one of our funeral homes, depending on your personal preference.
  • Remember, the funeral is for those left behind. Communicate with your family to make meaningful and personal choices that will help them heal when the time comes.
  • Avoid the temptation of eliminating services to spare your family the pain. It is not the funeral service that causes these feelings; they are created by the death of a loved one. A personal and meaningful service will help your family work through their inevitable grief.
  • When planning for your own funeral, make choices that reflect your passions. A funeral should be a celebration of life!
  • If you plan to pay for your funeral in advance, we offer safe and secure options. Funds can be placed in a funeral trust or in an insurance policy. It is important to discuss the options that make sense for you with one of our funeral directors.
  • Your funeral plan is completely transferable. If you move out of state your funeral plan can be transferred without penalty to another funeral home. (Keep in mind that if you pass away in another state and still plan on having services with us in Massachusetts, your family would still call us at the time of death. We would arrange with an out-of-state funeral director on behalf of your family. This will prevent additional service charges.)
  • One of the most compelling reasons for advance planning is Medicaid. If someone is going into a long term care situation and wants to qualify for Medicaid, they are allowed to shelter funds in an irrevocable trust or insurance policy specifically set aside for future funeral expenses. This is a lawful way to reduce your assets and make sure you are eligible for the health care assistance you need.
  • Once you’ve made your prearrangements, keep a copy of your plan and any pertinent paperwork in a safe place and relay the information to a close friend or relative. We retain all records in a fireproof and locked file cabinet. Your privacy and security are very important to us.
  • The National Funeral Directors Association recommends prearranging for everyone and developed the Bill of Rights for Funeral Preplanning as a resource for understanding what to expect from a contract.

To begin the process of Advance Planning, fill out our form to submit online or download a PDF of the form. 

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Thank you so much for making such a difficult situation much easier for me and my whole family. The funeral could not have been more peaceful and beau...
Julie Walsh
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