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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 13, 2023

Dads of every age deserve to be told how much they are loved and appreciated. And Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate Dads! We would like to provide some gift ideas that we think Dads would truly appreciate. And our primary focus is going to be on experiences more than things, because time together is the best gift.

  1. Tickets to a sports event or theatrical performance

Whether your dad enjoys sports, music, or movies, buying tickets for your family to go to a live event is a memorable gift. If some family members do not like the same things as Dad does, it can be especially meaningful that they have taken time out to honor him by sharing what he enjoys.

  1. Right-Left Adventure

If your dad loves an adventure and isn’t averse to surprises, the Right-Left Adventure may be the perfect gift. This is how it works: Dad sits next to the driver (Mom or an older child), and the family arranges to let Dad “choose” where to go. For example, one child might say, “Daddy, choose blue, red, or green!” And the family already knows that blue means keep going straight, red means turn right, and green means turn left. The family will head out on their mysterious adventure, not knowing where they will land! When Dad calls out “Red,” and the driver turns right … the kids giggle and provide the next two or three option for the next light, corner, or mile (whatever is decided beforehand). Options can be comprised of animals, foods, songs, car models, or Dad’s hobbies. The options are endless! And, you just might find a new favorite family day-trip location for the making of future memories.

  1. This is Your Life!

Years ago there was a TV show called “This is Your Life!” The featured person would be surprised by visits from people from their past like a childhood friend, an influential school teacher, a coach, mentor, or colleague. And the audience sat back and enjoyed watching an incredible reunion take place. You could do the same thing for your Dad! Arrange a meeting with old friends. Have a family BBQ with old classmates, work buddies, church members, or distant cousins that he played with as a child. You could meet half-way so the special guests don’t need to travel as far. Or, you could arrange a guys fishing trip or baseball game getaway. The idea is helping Dad take time away from work and the endless list of household responsibilities to have some fun and relive great memories with people from his past.

  1. Homemade Cards

Something dads’ treasure, that does not cost very much, is a homemade card. We should never underestimate the value of homemade cards. Knowing that his family put much love and work into making them for him means a lot. And the words of appreciation, respect, and love can warm his heart for days, weeks, months, and years to come! Do not be surprised if you find homemade cards posted by his desk at work as a reminder of his family’s love.

  1. Whatever You Want Weekend

There is so much that dads do and their work never seems to end. So, most dads would love to have a Whatever You Want Weekend. The kids can ask him what he wants to eat, what he wants to do, and offer to do all of his chores for him for one day or an entire weekend. At first Dad might not know what to do because he hasn’t had time off in awhile. But, once the kids start interviewing him, ideas can bubble up, such as, going out for breakfast, walking by the river, playing racquetball as a family, attending a Ham Radio Festival, browsing at a relaxed pace through a used book store, or playing pick-up basketball at a local park. This gift is beneficial, too, because the kids get to learn more about their dad and his interests.

  1. Walking Down Memory Lane

One of the best gifts for an elderly or disabled dad can be to walk together down memory lane. What does this look like? It could be taking a family drive to see where he grew up, worked, or attended college. As the family drives, he can share stories and memories to his heart’s content! Or, picture the entire family sitting around the TV munching popcorn and watching old home movies. Maybe the family could create a scrapbook of pictures and good memories from his past, that he will enjoy looking at over and over again. The family could even surprise him by putting together a framed collage of pictures of him growing up, with the lyrics of his favorite song and memorabilia from his past. Good memories are one of life’s greatest gifts, so Father’s Day can be the perfect time to brush off some old memories, letting them shine once again. And what a gift it is for children and grandchildren to learn about their dad and grandpa!

We hope that these ideas will help you celebrate your dad, husband, or son – any of the special men in your life! If you would like to read more blogs or learn about what Keohane has to offer, please check out our website or call us anytime at 617-773-3551.


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