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Keohane is a family owned and operated group of funeral homes, with locations in Quincy, Hingham (Pyne Keohane Funeral Home), and Weymouth (McDonald Keohane Funeral Home). With a deep connection to the community and a high standard for professionalism, Keohane continues to be the choice for funeral services, cremation, and advance planning. Here, you receive the personal attention and dedicated service you deserve, from a team of caring professionals.

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March 01, 2019

What Do I Do if a Death Occurs Out of Town?

It can be a difficult time when a loved one dies, but when the death occurs away from home, it can be even more complicated and stressful. Nowadays, people tend to spend extended time away from home for vacation, to visit relatives, to attend special events or to live in warmer climes during the winter months – all of which contributes to the possibility of a death away from home.

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February 15, 2019

Who is the Funeral for – the Dead or the Living?

While the funeral honors the person who has died, the benefits of participating in the rituals surrounding a funeral are most important for those left behind. Funerals are ceremonies that help mourners acknowledge the reality of the death, allow for the expression of grief in a safe environment, provide support from the community, and offer hope for those left behind. In that regard, we could say that funerals are for the living.

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