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PJ Rasmussen

Community Outreach Specialist

I love being that empathetic person that people can talk to…and they do.  I love that they feel they can tell me anything.”

Patricia Jane “PJ” Rasmussen is in charge of reaching out to those in the community who want to learn more about Keohane. Her responsibilities include responding to inquiries from families about our services, answering questions about pre-planning, and making it as easy as possible for people in the community to get the information about end-of-life issues that they need.

PJ enjoys working with Keohane because of their impeccable reputation within the community. “I LOVE that the community thinks so highly of Keohane. I am honored to be part of a group of people that always go the extra mile to be helpful, kind and compassionate toward the families we serve,” said PJ.

Outside of work, PJ volunteers at her church.  She teaches citizenship two mornings a week and has helped over 130 African refugees become citizens.  She also teaches a youth group and Sunday School.

With two daughters, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren–with two more on the way–PJ is very family oriented and helps babysit her grandchildren while their parents work. She also has three dogs and three cats.