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Kathy Kane

Funeral Director and Certified Funeral Celebrant


My philosophy when dealing with families is simply to treat them as if they were my own family, and to always have the compassion needed to touch each family uniquely. I believe that it is an honor when a family chooses Keohane to take care of their loved one, and I feel privileged to handle that experience for them.”

Kathy Kane has the honor of serving families by meeting with them and planning and directing funerals. Taking care of those left behind is also a very big part of her job responsibility.

Kathy enjoys being part of the Keohane team because of their similarities: a family-first attitude and a desire to continuously improve how to serve those families. She is always open to new ideas and encourages families to give feedback.

One of Kathy’s biggest challenges is the array of strong emotions that she faces on a daily basis. Some families have never experienced a death and do not know how they will react. Talking them through what they may experience and allowing them to have emotions always helps, and Kathy takes pride in being a source of comfort in such a difficult time.