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John Keohane


 “I think it always comes down to the golden rule when you’re helping people through such a difficult time in their life: treat others as you would like to be treated. We walk with families every step of the way, offering suggestions, guidance, and humor when appropriate – always with respect and compassion.”

John Keohane and his brother Dennis are responsible for the overall operation of the family business, receiving support and advice from their father, Ed, who serves as Chairman. John helps families plan funeral services for loved ones, ensures business operations are being run smoothly, and keeps the company active in the community.

The biggest challenge as co-president is constantly making company changes to reflect current attitudes and perceptions of what a funeral is now and what it will look like in the future. John works hard to balance the two needs: protect the best traditions, and remain relevant in the eyes of the community. Overall, the position is both rewarding and challenging – something John wouldn’t change for the world.

John is a graduate of Providence College and New England Institute at Mount Ida College, and belongs to a number of organizations, including: Quincy Kiwanis Club, Knights of Columbus, Massachusetts Funeral Director’s Association, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, Graystone Associates, Quincy Chamber of Commerce, and South Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family, vacations, skiing in New Hampshire, sports, photography, and computers.