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Francesca DeVito


Francesca DeVito

“My approach to working with grieving families is to not rush them through anything. I want them to be able to take their time and have confidence in every single decision that they are making.” 

Francesca DeVito graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in the middle of the pandemic.  Upon graduation, she needed to find a career with job security.  She also wanted to do something that would help people and make a difference.  With all that in mind, she realized that funeral directing was a perfect fit for her.

On any given day, Francesca may go on a transfer to pick up descendants from their place of death, go to the town halls to pick up death certificates, or take part in making the stationary packages, which include the register books and prayer cards for wake services.  As a Funeral Director Apprentice, she does her best to help out with anything and everything that other staff and Funeral Directors need.

Francesca graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020 and immediately enrolled in FINE Mortuary College in August 2020.  She plans to graduate in April of 2022.

When not at work, Francesca loves spending time with her significant other, Jason, his five-year-old daughter, Miya, and their adorable puppy dog, Bella. Francesca and Jason have plans to get married after she finishes mortuary school.