C.C. Cimini


“It has always been my desire to see through the grief to the needs of those left behind in death. To offer hope to those who have survived and will have to carry on with their loved one only in their memories and hearts, offers me a unique opportunity to make a connection with them that will bring them hope for the future and offer healing in the present.”

Christian “C.C.” Cimini is a very special person who seeks to understand the needs of others in order to assist those that are grieving. As a Funeral Director Apprentice, C.C. is responsible for providing support to our funeral directors by carefully and compassionately bringing the deceased into our care and assisting with their careful preparation for services. She also helps prepare stationary, set up flowers, and all other tasks that set the stage for a family’s final goodbye to their loved one.

C.C. grew up in Dallas, Texas where her dear mother, Ms. Marshall Sims, was a minister at Calvary Church in Irving, Texas and an Air Force veteran. Through the way her mother ministered to each person whom she came into contact, Ms. Sims instilled in C.C. the notion that our gifts are meant to be shared, leading to C.C.’s desire to pursue a career in funeral service.

Her hobbies include motivational reading, meditation, writing, playing the violin and most of all, singing. C.C. is quite the songbird and loves to sing! She lives with her husband Matthew in North Providence, Rhode Island.

C.C. is a 2005 graduate of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, TX where she majored in Violin Performance. She received a Bachelor of Science in Project Management from the University of Phoenix in 2014. C.C. is currently a funeral directing student at the Funeral Institute of New England with expected graduation in 2019. She began as a Funeral Director Apprentice at Keohane in January of 2017 and looks forward to a bright future with us.

C.C. is a recipient of the 2017 Funeral Service Foundation Joseph E. Hagan Memorial Scholarship Award.