Alyssa Croteau

Funeral Director

“It takes dedication and hard work to get everything accomplished that we need to do as funeral directors. I like being able to help our families going through such a tough time, and it’s definitely something that I would love to do for the rest of my career.”

Alyssa Croteau is one of the newest funeral directors at Keohane and a wonderful addition to our staff. She is a dedicated, kind and heartfelt funeral director. Her responsibilities include meeting with families and helping them plan a funeral service that honors their loved one. She also files the paperwork, processes transfers, answers the phones, and helps families along their path toward healing.

Alyssa completed her two-year apprenticeship at Keohane. Following her graduation from mortuary college, Alyssa passed the national and state board exams to become a licensed funeral director in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Alyssa has a Certificate of Thanatology from Bristol Community College and an Associate’s Degree in Funeral Science from FINE Mortuary College in Norwood.

Alyssa plays the piano and loves being outdoors in her spare time.