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Since 1932, Keohane continues to be the choice for funeral services, cremation services, and advanced planning. With our deep connection to the community and outstanding expertise, we help you choose between various options and customize a service based on the specific needs, desires, and budget. Contact us at 781-335-0045 or visit us at 785 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02170.

What Families Need to Know: Funeral and Cremation in Quincy, MA

Does your family know the right process to coordinate funeral and cremation in Quincy, MA? Designing funeral services often feels like an overwhelming task. During this emotional time, you need to consider the requests of the deceased, as well as the unique needs of your family members.

Before you jump in and finalize the funeral plan, it’s important that you learn about this industry. Planning a funeral can feel like a heavy responsibility, but you don’t have to be stressed. Our team offers the hands-on support you require, including ongoing care and information about the many available options. You don’t have to navigate this experience alone. We are here to help with an experienced support team.

Focus on the Important Elements: Funeral and Cremation in Quincy, MA

As you are evaluating options for this event, it’s essential that you maintain focus on the elements that mean the most to your family. For example, if you are choosing a venue for a funeral or memorial, then take time to consider how your family traditions can be maintained at this location.

Yes, this event is a time when you can honor the deceased and their life experiences. Additionally, funeral services are also crucial for surviving family members. Losing a loved one can be a challenging situation. This gathering of friends and family often provides the healing, soothing elements that individuals need so they can find closure in their grief.

While it’s smart to pay attention to the smaller details that will influence the event, don’t take your focus off the priorities. The most important thing you can do during this time is to honor your loved one and support your family’s needs at the same time.

What to say at a funeral?

If you are attending a funeral ceremony, you should express your condolences to the family. If you don’t know them well, a simple “I’m sorry for your loss” is sufficient; however, it is frequently preferable if you can mention anything about the person who has died, such as “I’m very sorry that you’ve lost your Dad, he was a great man and I know we’ll miss him very much.” It is typically welcomed to say something personal that lovingly remembers the person who has died and what they meant to you.

Service Options for Yourself or a Loved One

One benefit of choosing our funeral planning staff is that we understand the decisions you are facing at this time. Over the years, our team has helped families from all backgrounds and walks of life. We know the difficult decisions you are facing for the event, venue, laying a person to rest, and more.

As you talk to our team, we’ll gladly answer your questions and provide information about available service options. We believe that every family deserves personalized funeral and cremation services in Quincy, MA. Through this process, we always listen to your needs to ensure the event is a good fit for your family culture.

Do you prefer a large traditional event? Or maybe a smaller gathering is a better fit for your preferences? An alternative is to simplify these services by forgoing memorial or funeral services. If you want to simplify this process, then talk to us about the possibilities for a quality event planned through our funeral home.

Where to Hold the Funeral Event

What is your preferred location for the event to be held? First, you need to decide on the size of the group that you will be hosting. If it is only a small meetup with your closest friends and family members, then a small meeting room at the funeral home could be a good option. Or, some people want to hold the gathering at the cemetery as a graveside service before a burial takes place. You can also choose to hold an intimate gathering at home.

For larger groups, you need to be sure that the venue has enough seating and space to accommodate the attendees. Sometimes, people like to invite all of the neighbors, friends, and extended family. When you are anticipating a large group, it might make sense to hold the services in a large funeral home chapel or a church that offers chapel benches and overflow seating.

Remember that there isn’t one right venue for every family. These services are unique to your needs, which is why it is vital to design a customized funeral event. Talk to our caring staff if you’d like to learn more about your options.

Personalized Care from a Team You Can Trust

Our funeral planning staff offers years of experience helping families in the local community. We know the best practices for designing quality funeral and cremation events. If you are looking for support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for information about available packages and services.

The quality of the funeral home you choose will have an undeniable impact on the overall results of the event. One of the most important choices is to select a funeral home that understands local traditions, cultural influences, and other essential details. We honor your requests and work hard to take care of the smallest elements that ensure a quality experience.

What do you need to know about funeral and cremation in Quincy, MA? If you are looking for information about designing the services, we are here to help. Our team can also provide care for the final resting place, including both cremation and burial. Call today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consultation?

Yes let us know your ideal time to talk, and we will schedule a consultation accordingly. Choose your desired schedule here.

What are pallbearers?

Pallbearers are the friends and/or relatives asked to carry a loved one’s casket at the place of service. Read more about funeral etiquette here.

How much are your caskets?

Caskets range in price from $995 to $12,995 depending on the material they are constructed from, the interior fabric, the finish, and the thickness of the material. Check more of our services here.

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