Steve Everson

Funeral Director

This is easily the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. The opportunity to care for a deceased family member from the time of death until the wake and funeral is an unmatched feeling. Giving family and friends a chance to say goodbye to a loved one provides me with a sense of satisfaction unlike any I’ve ever known.”

Steve Everson is a newly licensed funeral director and embalmer. His current responsibilities include serving the living by caring for the dead, performing transfers, setting up cremation ID viewings, and embalming.

Looking forward to growing with the company, Steve also foresees positive changes in the industry as a whole. He feels that family members are taking more of an interest in personalizing the services to best suit their deceased loved one, and that people are becoming less likely to follow tradition strictly for tradition’s sake.

Steve is a graduate of the  Funeral Institute of New England’s Mortuary College. With two young daughters, much of his time outside of work is devoted to dance classes, soccer games, science museum trips, and general park outings. Additionally he enjoys home improvement and music.