Nate Price


“I find helping people through one of the hardest times in their life to be one the most rewarding experiences. It is nice to see the relief and happiness that families show when they know they are in good hands and that all of their funeral needs are being taken care of.”

Nathan Price started working at Keohane as an apprentice over two years ago. His responsibilities are many and varied. He assists with transferring people into our care after they pass away and helps to get them ready for their services, whether it is a wake, church, cremation or other choices. He helps with the necessary paperwork and preparing the stationary for the services. He sits in on arrangements with the families and assists funeral directors with the services.

Originally from California, Nathan has lived all over the US because his dad was in the military. He graduated from high school in Maine followed by the University of New England, graduating with a double major in Medical Biology and Psychology. He spent three semesters at St. Matthews University working toward becoming a doctor before leaving and returning to Maine. He is currently in his last semester at FINE Mortuary College in Norwood.

Outside of work, Nathan enjoys traveling, hiking, and painting miniature models. He’s also an avid player of board and table top games. Nathan lives in Marshfield with the love of his life, Katherine.