November 16, 2017

Chow Yung Wan

September 9, 1938 – November 16, 2017

Wan, Chow Yung of Quincy, died on November 16, 2017 at the age of 79. Chow was born in Toi Shan in China to the late Ying Qi Chen and Gung Ho Tam.

Chow was the beloved wife of Wah Wan, loving mother of Sunny Wan and his wife Eling Chan of Hong Kong, Wendy Leung and her husband Kwun Ping Leung of Randolph, Winnie Lee and the late Alex Lee of Braintree, Isa Wan of Quincy, and the late Wai Yuen Wan. She was also the proud grandmother of six and great grandmother of one. She is survived by her devoted brother Zhao Gen Chen and his wife Qiong Xin Wu, sister-in-law Ming-Chu Chan, and many nieces and nephews.

Chow grew up in China and moved to Hong Kong when she was 18. She had three brothers and one sister. Her youngest brother, Zhao Gen, still lives and resides in Canada. Chow loved to cook for her family, enjoyed nourishing her grandchildren, and spent time with friends and family. She did not know English when she first came to the U.S in 1985. She was a quick learner and proudly passed the U.S. Citizenship test to become a U.S. Citizen and vote.

Chow was a passionate, generous, caring, loving, sweet and cheerful person who always carried a beautiful smile on her face. She had the kindest heart and often spent her time helping friends and family. For those who know her, she was a selfless person who always served others.

Chow and her husband, Wah, had their 60-year wedding anniversary in December 2016. Their love for the family is so rich and shall never fade away.

Chow will be remembered as a loving and devoted wife, sister, sister-in-law, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and aunt by her many family members and friends in China, Hong Kong, Canada and the U.S.

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9/9/1938 – 11/16/2017

出生於一九三八年九月九日在廣東省台山縣,溫門陳秋容痛於二零一七年十一月十六日(農暦九月卄八日),不幸在醫院(Brighton and Woman Hospital) 辭世,積閏享壽八十二歳,秋容的父母陳應啟和譚更好在中國已逝多年。

杖期夫(未亡人)溫華,孝子溫少,孝媳陳綺玲,孝子溫偉元(已故),孝女溫少珍、溫少芬、溫少鳳,孝婿梁官秉,孝婿李志明(已故),賢孫溫穎彤,外孫男梁世傑,外孫女梁家欣、李子晴、張家敏、李鎂珊,外孫婿 Jordan Aquino,外曾孫女 Havi Aquino。