January 12, 2013

There is a common assumption that funerals are tied to religious beliefs. Well, a funeral can certainly reflect religion and incorporate the specific beliefs of the family, but the service is really about celebrating the life of the deceased. This is something our funeral directors recognize, as it is our job to create a service that best celebrates the loved ones life and individuality. One option that people are not always aware of is having the service run by a Celebrant.

A Celebrant offers an alternative to a funeral service provided by a member of the clergy for those families who are not affiliated with a church or who do not wish to have a traditional religious funeral service. Services run by Celebrants serve the same purpose as other services: celebrating a person’s life and providing comfort to the family and friends. Services may include readings, stories, music, and other customizations to best reflect the life lived.

Keohane has several Certified Funeral Celebrants on staff, and they are truly dedicated to providing a customized service that reflects the wishes and values of the loved one and their family. They can incorporate religious beliefs or spirituality, but they don’t have to. It is all about creating a ceremony that allows everyone to be comfortable honoring death while celebrating life.


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