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How to Make Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Stick

January 8, 2015

Many Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but very few are able to stick to them throughout the year. According to, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but 75 percent of those keep them less than two weeks and only 46 percent are able to stick to their resolutions for more than six months. In addition, only 14 percent of people over 50 achieve their resolution each year.

Some of the most popular resolutions are to lose weight; stay fit and healthy and quit smoking. All healthy goals – but how to stick to them?

The website offers these tips:

Lose Weight

The fact that losing weight is repeatedly one of the top resolutions testifies to how difficult it is to achieve. The key to sticking to your goal of losing weight is not to expect instant success. Losing weight is a journey 9298537_lwith many hills and valleys. In order to traverse the weight loss road successfully, keep track of your journey with a food journal. And find a partner to help you through the valleys. A support system makes a world of difference in sticking to your goal.

Quit Smoking

Don’t worry if you have tried and failed. Many ex-smokers found that multiple attempts to quit were the path they had to take to be successful. Try several methods to find what works for you, such as nicotine replacement therapy; support groups; acupuncture; quitting “cold turkey” – or some combination of smoking cessation methods.

And if the health benefits aren’t enough to help you stick with it, think of all the money you will save!

Commit to Get Fit

Regular exercise is associated with more health benefits than any other path to fitness, including reducing the risk of some cancers, achieving and maintaining weight loss, enhancing mood, lowering blood pressure and reducing insomnia. But how to stick to an exercise routine? suggests:

  • Adjust Your Attitude. If you think fitness, is painful or boring you’re already setting yourself up for failure. Think of exercise as a break from stress, a way to boost energy and mood and a way to improve your quality of life immediately!
  • Motivation will not magically happen. Willpower alone won’t work. Long-term success requires planning, discipline and finding ways to motivate yourself every day. Even the most committed exerciser doesn’t always want to exercise. Know that you will have to work on it every day.

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