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Five Ways to Give Back During This Season of Thanks

November 15, 2019

At this time of year, we become aware of giving thanks for all of the bounty and the blessings in our lives. At Keohane, we are grateful for all the families that put their trust in us during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

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If you are interested in doing something that extends beyond the turkey dinner, the decorations, and being with family, here are some ways of reaching out to the wider community and giving back this holiday season:

  1. Send a care package to a soldier: There’s no better time to show your gratitude to the service men and women who support our country and protect our freedom. You can send a soldier a care package to let them know you’re thankful for their service. Charities such as Operation Gratitude send thousands of care packages to those who bravely serve our nation each year. A donation of $45 sends 3 care packages.
  2. Start a Donor Advised Fund: Having a donor-advised fund is like having a charitable savings account. You can easily create an account by making a contribution of cash, stock, or other assets and then take an immediate tax deduction for the gift. The accounts are controlled by a nonprofit, called a sponsoring organization, that invests the assets and manages your account. Once a fund is established, you make requests about which nonprofits you want to donate to from your account, and then the sponsoring organization sends the donation for you. Commercial funds, such as Fidelity Charitable and Vanguard Charitable include relatively low investment fees and ease of use for donors.
  3. Make treats for others: Show your appreciation for the hard-working teachers, first responders, mail carriers, librarians and others in your community that support your family and your life every day. Bake some goodies and send them to school with your children, deliver them to the police station, fire station or library, or hand them to your mail carrier. FYI, federal regulations prohibit USPS employees from accepting cash, but gift cards for no more than $20 in value can be accepted, as well as other small gifts and perishable items such as cookies.
  4. Feed the hungry: Volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen to bring a holiday meal to those in need. At this season when we give thanks for the bounty of the earth, reach out to those who can’t afford to serve a holiday meal or don’t have access to nutritious food. There are people in every community, no matter where you live, who suffer from food insecurity. Food pantries and soup kitchens are always in need of volunteers to help them serve their clients, so give your time or make a donation to help their cause.
  5. Visit lonely elders: Senior isolation is a growing problem in today’s society which can seriously impact health and shorten lives. You can go to senior center; assisted living or nursing home to visit with residents. Make home-made cards to bring holiday cheer to the lonely elders. If you have children, get them involved and make it a fun family craft project. Organizations such as Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly, are committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. They will match you up with a senior who has requested visitors or meals.

At Keohane, we are grateful every day for the families we serve and the caring and supportive staff at Keohane that helps our families put their loved ones to rest with dignity and helps them to celebrate their loved ones’ lives.


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